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Integrated IDP Platform for Document Onboarding and Data Extraction 

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Integrated Onboarding Workflow


  • Define information ontology and configure entities - chose one of several extraction strategies
  • Create high quality ground truth training data guided by pre-defined ontology
  • Train entire machine learning model extraction pipeline with a single click
  • Test performance & Publish extraction pipeline

Built-in Annotation Management


  • Track documents at each stage in the annotation lifecycle - Unassigned, Assigned, In-Review and Ground-Truth
  • Collaborate with team of annotators for data labeling
  • Review and make corrections to ensure consistency across the dataset
  • Switch on Active learning to turbocharge data preparation

Intuitive Graphical User Interface


  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for annotation, review and exception management with human in the loop
  • Integration with ontology to reduce errors during annotation lifecycle
  • Intelligent Outline to navigate through long form documents

Train with Tiny Data


  • Train high quality models with as little as 200 training samples and transfer learning
  • One click training of entire NLP extraction model pipeline
  • Incremental training for continuous performance improvement
  • Review dataset and training metrics to ensure acceptable performance

Flexible Architecture


  • Designed for large enterprises with cloud native architecture
  • Scalable architecture to scale according to transaction volume
  • Deploy in your cloud account or have host and manage your deployment
  • API driven architectire for easy integration with back-office systems

Monetize your Data

Intelligent Document Processing for Document Intake and Processing

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